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The Scale Synopsis – I promised I would share

The Scale


Minka Greene is the first to admit her life sucks. She never thought at twenty-seven she’d still be in a love/ hate relationship with the scale sitting loftily in her room or have to endure watching her twin sister marry the man she loves. Her weight is up and her confidence is down. Not exactly the ideal time to meet the real man of her dreams.

The Scale opens in Martha’s Vineyard with Minka dragging herself out of bed to attend Keely and Blake’s engagement party at Martha’s Way, the beautiful inn owned and operated by the tall, blond, tattooed man with the piercing blue eyes.  It just so happens Jason Montgomery is also Blake’s childhood friend and best man.

Don’t look at them! Don’t look at them! Minka’s eyes shift to the reason for her sister’s happiness. Blake Howard Alexander. Her misery. Just the sight of him makes Minka stop breathing.

Yet, he is indeed perfect for her sister. Standing well over six feet tall with wide broad shoulders and a smooth caramel complexion, Blake is physically flawless. As a former college athlete, he still possesses the tight, taut muscles in all the right places, so in opposition to Keely’s delicate stature.

Blake chose Keely. He chose the beautiful twin.

An intense wave of rejection sweeps over Minka as her mind races with ideas, questions. Dealing with a whirl of emotions, Minka faints in Jason Montgomery’s arms.

Jason Montgomery is rich, handsome and fighting his own demons. Five years ago, he witnessed his father in an intimate situation with his personal assistant. That incident resulted in his mother’s death and growing tension with his father. While he’s always open to a physical relationship, a commitment is something else.  

 The following night, Minka comes face to face with Jason at his bar. Neither can deny the strong sexual pull between them. Jason makes it obvious he wants Minka, which leaves her baffled.

 She didn’t appeal to Blake; why would Jason be any different? He is handsome, rich, and a confirmed bachelor. Also, Jason gravitates toward waify brunettes and blondes; a complete contrast to Minka’s petite, curvaceous frame. She’s not built like a model, in fact, according to the latest BMI she falls into the overweight percentage of Americans.

She is both surprised and thrilled by his obvious attraction. A much needed distraction to contain her emotions and overcome the distressed state she has been since Keely and Blake started dating.  

“I wasn’t joking.  I want to kiss you very much.” His eyes continue to watch her. “You have the most alluring lips.  I wanted to kiss you last night.”  His voice ragged with lust.

The words are so raw, so sexual. No man has ever spoken to her that way. Everything in her tells her to run; nothing good could come of her kissing him, much less entertaining the thought. Yet, here is this gorgeous man telling her things she never thought she would hear.

In an attempt to live for the moment, Minka decides to brush aside the nagging doubts and spends the night with Jason. The morning after, to her surprise, Jason asks to see her again. Minka refuses.

Because next time, there won’t be any alcohol. Because next time you will see I’m not built like a model. Because next time, I won’t be good enough.

Yet, she finds it impossible to stay away and gives in to what she craves. Two weeks of sleeping with a hot guy. She could use the diversion. All she has to do is control her wild hormones and not fall in love with him – because men like Jason will eventually grow tired of her.

During the pivotal two weeks of her life, Minka discovers there is more to the Vineyard’s sexy bachelor. He is fighting his own demons and is surprisingly open to see how far their relationship can go. But in order to give herself completely to him, Minka must learn to let go of what she thinks she wants and mend old relationships.

Days before the wedding and leaving the island, Minka is overcome with joy. Only one thing stands between a possible future with Jason. She needs to let go of Blake and say goodbye. It is Jason she wants and needs. Jason satisfies an itch that needs to be scratched.

As she says goodbye, she kisses her sister’s fiancé. Only the kiss is witnessed by Keely and Jason. That night Jason calls off their relationship, leaving Minka heartbroken.

He whips around to glare at her; his icy blue eyes freeze her in her tracks. Jason continues to stare at her, into her soul and reading her mind. The warmth that had been there the last few days, less than one hour ago, is now replaced by an icy pond, all glazed over and cold with controlled anguish beneath the surface.

She searches his eyes for an indication that he believed her, for hope. Instead she is greeted with the same cold, hard, flinty eyes she remembers from the picture she saw of him after his mother’s death.  Defeated, her hands fall away from his. 

After a long pause, he shrugs half-heartedly, and runs a hand through his gold locks. “I’ll have your bag delivered to the inn by morning. I can’t love you if you don’t love yourself.”

Although Minka tries to tell Jason it is him she’s in love with, Jason points out Minka’s biggest problem is self-acceptance. She needs to love herself before she can learn to love anyone.

Three months later, Minka finally understands what Jason meant about self-acceptance. She has learned that without loving herself, she truly can’t love him or any other and therefore limited the expansion of her soul.

By becoming more active, she feels better physically and emotionally. She has established a better relationship with her sister. She has learned to balance her emotional and physical needs. Yet, the void Jason left in her heart still exists. Keely convinces her to go back to the Vineyard and fight for love.

The night of Jason’s art display, Minka and Jason are reunited. At first he is perturbed by her presence but Minka stands firm and tells him he needs to hear her out. Afterwards, they can go their separate ways. During their conversation, Jason admits he misses her and observes she has grown stronger as an individual. No longer is she handicapped by low self-esteem. He admits he still loves her.

With a shaky smile that belies the strength in her heart, Minka asks if he’s willing to try again, to make things work for both of them. He’s changed her, has helped her to accept all that she is and has finally gained the true meaning of love and loving someone. Now she knows that love is uplifting, liberating. It’s about compromise and give and take. And this time she won’t let her self-doubts get in the way of their love.

When Jason kisses her and whispers, “Minka Greene,will you marry me?” this time she knows she has found her happiness.

A thousand emotions twirls inside of her like the autumn leaves winding and whirling fantastic trails in the most exquisite and delightful way. She can’t help smiling. Not only because she is about to marry the only man she ever loved, but because she has reached that point where she is now independent of fears yet dependent on love.

She has finally reached that contentment in life along with a sense of well being.  Because of the balance in her life, she is ready for the next chapter of her life with Jason Montgomery. She will forever love his gentleness and how, in his own way, he has managed to teach her to love herself.

“I love you so much,” she whispers.

His hands caress her arms. “I can hear you say that for the rest of my life.”

“That’s a good thing because you have me forever.”

He kissed her, sealing their now and forevermore. 




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