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Making a Case for Romance Books as a compliment to Sex-Ed

Romance books always get the short end of the stick. They are so often looked down upon. Romance readers keep their love of the genre under wraps for fear of scorn and condescension. Romance authors don’t get the same respect as authors of thrillers, or suspense. And the genre itself is often seen as a time-waster, frivolous and useless. But there are many cases to be made for the importance of romance books in every day life. And this NY Times Op-Ed piece, written by Jennifer Weiner, gives an interesting insight into why books of the genre should be encouraged among teens and young adults instead of shunned.


I found this quote from a bookstore owner so true and so insightful: “Romance novels teach readers that all partners are equal participants in a sexual relationship. They highlight conversations about consent, birth control and myriad other topics that people generally find difficult to talk about. In some instances, it can be a literal script for how to bring up difficult topics with a partner. They give a road map to people wanting to experiment with their sexuality, or even just get in touch with what they want and need in a sexual relationship.” So many great and salient points. Where else are readers exposed to all of these significant topics?

One thing is for certain, romance novels are here to stay. So maybe we should figure out ways to take advantage of their offerings, instead of putting them down?





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