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Legend: Set in Stone

Life as she knew it had ended…

When Alexandria York fatefully met the Duke of Avalon in the woods she never imagined she’d be working for him. A rising star of the art scene in London, Alexandria agrees to commission a piece for the infamous noble. His intentions quickly become confusing as chemistry grows between the two.

As she dreams of the man she can’t have, the one she can lures her deeper into his lair. Will the man she once loved be her Knight in shining armor and slay the Dragon? Or will the Dragon consume her before it’s too late?

In this life, his heart was the stone and her love was the sword…

The Duke of Avalon has lived a long and lonely life. He has chased his love through the centuries and every time she has jilted him, but not this time. Tormented by inner demons, Avalon seeks to keep his secret safe while vowing to win Alexandria York. When his former charge, Lancer Rivers comes back into both their lives, he finds he more than one challenger for her hand. Can he protect Alexandria not only from the man after her very life, but also himself?



I didn’t know where I was or why I was there. It was warm, too warm. A light sheen of sweat glistened on my body. I was wearing my nightgown and my arms crossed over my chest to cover it. Where the hell was I? My hair was still clipped up, so I must be in my apartment?

What the bloody hell?

There was the sudden creaking of a door opening somewhere and the white walls bathed in red flames. They licked higher and higher, and I was frozen. I couldn’t move! I tried to scream, but a rough hand clasped over my mouth. The harsh touch soon turned to a caress as the fingertips traced the outline of my lips. The other hand of whomever was behind me unclipped my hair and growled as the long waves cascaded down.

My heart beat like a sparrow, fluttering against my ribs and flying as fast as it could in fear. My blue eyes wide, I tried to turn to look and see who held me. The hand that burned my lips lowered and grabbed my waist, yanking me against his body; his hard, hot body.

Oh, dear God! What was this?

I was weak against this stranger. My heart hammered against my ribs, my thoughts fluttered like a sparrow’s wings. He was so foreign, yet so familiar.

 I dug my nails into his clothed thighs. He twisted fingers through my mane to pull my head and carefully expose my neck. I could feel his breath on my skin. This was too much. He was too much.

It suddenly dawned on me that this was a dream. It had to be. Was it a dream of Lancer? The man I had lost? I tried to speak, but only a moan escaped as his tongue swabbed over the juncture of my neck and throat. The flames were getting higher, consuming me. Burning me. He was the fire, and he succeeded in searing through my defenses. His teeth grazed my skin and lowered to my shoulder, biting to the point of nearly pushing me over the edge. The space between my thighs ached from years of neglect. I had no idea what or who or where this had come from, but I wanted it.

“Please,” I whispered. I could feel his pause as he thought about the request. Would he humor me? He held all control over me. He continued trailing kisses up and down my shoulder and neck until I was breathless with desire.

He inhaled. The sharp intake of breath sent my heart galloping.

Oh yes, please yes! Say something. Say anything!

My legs twisted into each other to keep the heat from building any higher. Still behind me, the man took my hand in his and raised it out in front of us. He had a light tan, and the muscles in his forearms worked through his skin. His fingers didn’t look as rough as they felt. They were long, tapered, and elegant, as if they were used to gentle touch or perhaps the playing of an instrument. Could I consider myself an instrument? A silver ring with a large ruby graced his right ring finger.

The gesture was so subtle, so odd, but I could feel him assessing our size difference through pressed hands. He nuzzled back into my ear wringing another sigh from my lips.

“I found you, my lady. And I shall take you, in time. Sleep well, Alexandria.”

I sat bolt upright in bed, gasping and breathing hard. The aching in my womb was fading from the abrupt separation. My eyes darted around the room. Nothing. Just the white walls covered with posters, pictures, and objects I had collected over the years. No flames and no man.

It wasn’t who I had thought it was. He wasn’t the one I had lost – no, far from it.

Who was that?

I let my hair down and it was still damp. A flash of gray again raced through my head and my chest tightened. Had I just dreamed of – no. There was no way. Standing up, I grabbed a bathrobe from behind my door and raced to the kitchen. I made a quick cup of tea and slipped quietly down the stairs and through a door that led to the studio. Snapping on the light, I gathered everything I needed. He was my muse now. He would be what I created. That man in my dreams – I would mold him and not let him mold me.



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