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Beginning of 2014 I set a few writing goals.

  1. Complete at least one novel
  2. Be more active on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WP)
  3. Create my WP site to capture my journey as an aspired Romance writer
  4. Get published

Three months into the year, I’ve completed at least one novel, The Scale – well, it was two years in the making, but that’s not relevant, is it? I can’t begin to explain the sense of accomplishment I experienced when I actually reached the end. I even had a momentary lapse and a fear to let go of go of the characters. You see, they hunted me for the two years it took to put their story into words. I tried many times to walk away from the main characters. They were stubborn and kept me intrigued until their story was told. So I spent countless hours writing and rewriting their conflicts, struggles, tears, laughter and eventually their HEA.


Then the real work began. I had to find an editor to work with. I learned so much from that process. Some didn’t provide free samples, some never responded, and some wanted to change the story altogether just by reading the first chapter. Along the way, I also received some great feedback, met some great editors I didn’t get to work with this time around – maybe in the future.

I’ve also been more vocal on Twitter. You can follow me @jolielibra. My Twitter page is embedded to this site. I’ve also joined Scribophile, a cool community for published and non-published writers for all genre.

Right now, I’m counting down the days till I receive the feedback from my editor. In the meantime, I started the follow up novel, Need You Now and writing my query letter. I haven’t ruled out the traditional publishing route. I’m still a newbie and doing my research to find out which avenue will be best for me.

In the meantime, welcome to my page. Take a moment to leave a comment. Click on the Follow button to join me in my journey.





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