Mika Jolie

Escape to the Vineyard this Christmas


An excerpt from Wrapped in Red–a Christmas novella from the Martha’s Way series

“We don’t have a tree.” His voice echoed in the vast darkness around them.

“A tree?”

“A Christmas tree.” After a slight pause, he added, “Christmas is twelve days away.”

She said nothing. Other than the crackling sound coming from the baby monitors, all noises were muted.

“Our favorite time of year,” Jason continued, a slight edge to his words.

She understood the tension in his voice. They didn’t even have a wreath on the front door, never mind a Christmas tree, or a decorated house.

“We don’t need to get a tree.” She had been on mommy mode. Former exciting leisure activities, Christmas included, had since given way to compelling interests in baby matters—the quality of a breastfeeding, the magnitude of a burp, or the color of a bowel movement.




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