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A Conversation with Cynthia Pomranz – Author of Because of Jacqueline

It is my pleasure to welcome fellow Secret Cravings Publishing Author Cynthia Pomranz to my blog today. Cynthia, I’m going to ask you a few questions. Feel free to take a pass on those you don’t want to answer. (Cynthia smiles). Let’s have a nice cup of java as we get to know this wonderful Author.

How would you describe Because of Jacqueline to someone? 

Cynthia: Because of Jacqueline is a steamy romance with an emotionally charged story of two people who are marked by their pasts and must overcome their fears to find love. Recently divorced Jackie Simms is trying to rebuild her life when she meets widower Marc Montgomery online. Their souls touch before they ever see each other. The story taps into our inherent desire to be loved for ourselves, and the possibility of finding the one person who will love us for who we are, not just our outward appearance. Conflict arises when then meet and their relationship changes.

What inspired you to write this book? 

Cynthia: My husband and I met online. I still tease him that my membership fee was the best $29.99 I ever spent!  When I researched internet dating, I found on Statistics Brain that a whopping 76% of singles in America have used online dating sites.  I thought readers would relate to a heroine who falls in love with a hero in cyber space. The idea for Because of Jacqueline was born. I decided to make things interesting by delaying the couple’s first date. They spend two weeks in a tantalizing state of limbo filled with emails and texts, entwined in phone calls that go on seamlessly for hours.

Mika: I met my husband online as well and you’re right, that was the best membership fee I’ve ever spent.

How did you come up with the title? 

Cynthia: Marc writes poetry to Jackie and sends them to her via email. Because of Jacqueline is the title of one of his poems. Sorry, but I can’t divulge any more. You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Do you write in different genres as well? 

Cynthia: No, I strictly write romance. My style of writing is a hybrid of sexy contemporary romance and women’s fiction, with a touch of humor. Jackie’s character is complex, allowing the reader to experience many facets of her layered life. She is similar to the women who find their way in the bestselling novels by Barbara O’neal.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? 

Cynthia: I am working on a sequel set in NYC. Jackie’s best friend Trish is the heroine. With the help of her therapist, she has temporarily sworn off men following a sexual rampage incited by her divorce when she meets Alex, who is also seeking counseling for an undisclosed matter. The tone is spicy and fun with doses of raw emotion that will tug at your heart.

Do you write with a detailed master plan, or take a general idea and characters and see where it goes? Why?

Cynthia:I definitely work from a skeleton of the plot because I’ve always been a planner and a list maker. But as I write, the characters speak to me and I listen.  Twists and turns develop as well as sub-plots.

Which part of researching Because of Jacqueline was the most personally interesting to you?

Cynthia: Because of Jacqueline is set in St. Louis (2006); the year Cardinals won the World Series for the first time in twenty-four years. Marc and Jackie are Cardinal fans and baseball fever is sprinkled through the plot.  Since I’m a Cardinal fan myself, researching the stats was a lot of fun and very interesting!

How do you develop your characters to make them seem like real people? 

Cynthia: My characters begin as remnants of people I’ve known or met, and they morph into my creations on the page as the plot unfolds.

What’s your schedule like as a writer?

Cynthia: When I am writing a first draft, I sequester myself away for weeks until it’s finished, because I feel an incredible sense of urgency to get the story out. I’ll admit I can get a bit possessed—picture a female Tasmanian devil at the keyboard guzzling coffee. That’s me!

Mika: (Laughs) My husband refers to me as Storm guzzling coffee when I’m writing.

Cynthia: The real work begins with the revisions. The pace is much less intense, but it last for months. Seriously, I try to write every day, but not always. Life has other plans for me with family, friends, and obligations. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Give us three “Good to Know” facts about you.

Cynthia: 1. Spending time with family and friends is my number one priority, even though a couple of them are certifiable and sometimes an occasional fist fight breaks out. Okay, I’m kidding! They are a caring, fun, and fascinating group. I love them all dearly.
2. I’ve taken a few cooking lessons. I love cooking for a house full of people.
3. I’m messy and I detest cleaning up afterward. Unfortunately, that is true. So I always enlist the help of a few guests. They don’t seem to mind. Especially, once they see the dessert!

What else do you want your readers to know?

Cynthia: I’ve always been a dog person. I think cats are adorable, but I’m deathly allergic to them! Humans can learn much about unconditional love from our canine family members. My shih tzu, Bella, (named after my husband’s grandmother, not Twilight…everyone asks) thinks she is a retriever and usually has a ball wedged in the right side of her mouth. Each time I return home she covers me with kisses to let me know how much she missed me. I love the stuffing out of her! There’s nothing more relaxing than lying in the hammock with my husband beside me, and Bella wedged between us.

Mika: I grew up with dogs. I love them.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? 

Cynthia: I write romance because I believe in true love, passion, and happily ever afters. Some might call me a hopeless romantic, but I like to think of myself as hopeful. Call me a sentimental dreamer or an idealist, but I’m forever hopeful about love’s power, and the ability for each of us to find the magical love that culminates in mind-blowing sex.

Mika: Mind-blowing is always a good thing. Oh do you mean not just the physical aspect of sex? (Chuckles) That’s another topic for next time you stop by. I can’t wait to have that one with you.

Cynthia: (Smiles) With regard to practical matters, most see me as level-headed, with my feet planted firmly on the ground. When the heart is involved, my soul flies high above the clouds, and I make no apologies. What’s wrong with dancing in the rain or strolling on the beach hand in hand at sunset? I write romance because I crave the heady days of a first crush, a racing pulse, and the total elation one feels when true love eclipses all else. I invite you to read Because of Jacqueline and experience Jackie’s all-consuming journey to love.

Mika: That was beautifully said Cynthia. You and I have a few things in common. Thank you for stopping by and for being so honest with me. If you haven’t already, please check out Cynthia’s book Because of Jacqueline. It is available for purchase in e-book format at the links below.







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