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Writing Book Reviews

Within the book community, everyone mentions often about how important it is to write reviews after you read every book. But I wanted to talk about WHY it’s so important to do it.

  • When people go to purchase a book, many scan the reviews, or look at the rating, to decide on which books to buy.
  • You can help similarly minded readers choose books that are interesting to them by pinpointing the reasons why you liked, or disliked a particular book.
  • Blurbs and ads can only do so much to reach readers.
  • Reviews help authors determine what to figure out what readers like, or dislike within their work and help them improve their writing style.
  • If you review and talk about it, it encourages other readers to review, as well.
  • More positive reviews equals more sales and therefore a higher ranking for a book. In that way the book is then exposed to more buyers.
  • If a book is ranked higher, it also gets suggested in the “If you liked this, then try that” section.
  • Reviews help authors be exposed to bloggers, book review sites, and book clubs. It helps to increase an author’s visibility.

So now that we know WHY they’re important, let’s talk about HOW to write them. Here are a few sites that give some really great ideas. Reviews do NOT need to be long- 2o words is acceptable to Amazon. Don’t forget that you can cut and paste and leave the same review across platforms- Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub and more. Talk about what you loved and what didn’t work for you. Did you love a specific scene? The setting? The characters? Try not to give spoilers, but at least give the review reader an idea of what the book has in store for them. Good luck and thanks in advance!


How to Write a Good Book Review






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