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Work, Parenting, Wife, Graduate Studies and Writing – Balancing Life

Whatever happened to work life balance?

I often joke I have four jobs: Wife, mother, full-time student and since I haven’t reach Nora Roberts’ status yet as an author, I still have a full-time job. Somewhere in there I squeeze time to write. Usually late at night after the boys are tucked in and fast asleep.

This week has been a challenge – first week of summer session I of graduate classes. I find myself inundated with chapters and articles to read, a quiz and a paper to write.

One can easily say I’ve lost my mind and I would not dispute it. Yet, I am happy. Everything that is on my plate I enjoy and love doing.

Problem is I have not written anything new this week. And that irks me. I did manage to edit a chapter from my current WIP Need You Now; which is an accomplishment in itself. However, my characters, Lily and Adam are getting impatient. They are threatening me with weapons made of ink and paper, my laptop, my tablet, even notes from my iPhone until I finish their story.

I need to stay with them. And I need their patience as I try to balance life.




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