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The Boy Friend is HERE

IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! The Boy Friend is LIVE! My emotions are all over the place with this release. This novel is different from my previous books and I had so much fun exploring this side of me (hee hee) Early reviews BLEW ME AWAY and I’m so EXCITED for everyone to get to know Dean and Coriander. Xo, Mika
**GRAB YOUR COPY (free with Kindle Unlimited) http://amzn.to/2q6RNLU

I want her.
She wants me.
Just not enough. Actually, she’s smart. We’re a bad idea. I’m well aware of that, except I like bad ideas. Exhaling, I scrub a hand over my face. This unrequited desire needs to be tucked away. I should have put an end to these crazy thoughts from the beginning, but I entertained them . . . like a playful pet. Now, my desire has grown into a ferocious animal.
Acceptance is key here. I need to accept that I’m the boy friend, without the perks, and move on. No need for unnecessary tension. Our circle is tight. Attraction, lust, are part of the human flesh. These wild horses of my mind must be tracked down, captured, and tucked away in the Do-Not-Touch Cori file.




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