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Q & A Session With the Fantastic Bree Grant-Brown

I met Bree via Facebook in a reader group. She mentioned she’s read all of my books, but trust me that’s not why I love her. We had the chance to meet two summers ago while she was visiting family in New Jersey. We had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, drank wine, and chat. We could have talked for hours.

Mika: Hi Bree, Thanks for agreeing to do this Q&A session with me. It’s always a pleasure to discuss books with an avid reader. Are you ready?

Bree: Hi Mika. Yes, I’m definitely ready. Let’s do this.

Wonderful! Let’s Chat! 

Mika: What is your favorite novel from me?

Bree: It’s a very close draw between The Boy Friend, and The Scale . But I feel like I connected better with The Scale.

Mika: What is it about the novel that grabbed you?

Bree: The Scale was true to life. Minka was relatable. Her struggles were realistic.

Mika: The Scale opened with Minka (no relation to me) traveling to Martha’s Vineyard to attend her twin sister’s wedding to a man Minka was secretly pining over. Do you think her sister was aware of Minka’s feelings toward Blake? What do you think that said about the sisters’ relationship?

Bree:  Keely was self-absorbed so I don’t think she suspected. It showed that their relationship was a little disconnected, even though it was clear to see that they loved and cared for each other. I highlighted a few quotes to share. I think the scene below captures the sisters’ relationship.

A wave of cold passed through her. “I want to make us better. I don’t want you to hate me. Please tell me you don’t hate me.”

“I don’t hate you.,” Keely said, voice laced with pain. “By tomorrow, I may even forgive you. But tonight, I’m angry and hurt. I think I will be hurt for a while. But I’ll work on that and perhaps…” She glanced at Minka. “We can work on being sisters as well. You think we can try…to be friends, that is?”

Mika: Do you think Minka’s view of the wedding at the beginning of the book was justified?

Bree: No I don’t think it was. She had a low self-esteem and isolated herself from her family she was looking at things through a different lens. A perfect example is the scene below.

Blake walked over to join the group. He put his arm around her sister and showed off her ring to his friends, their love apparent, forcing Minka to realize her time had passed, if she ever had a chance.

The image burned her mind’s eye, a reminder Blake had managed to move even farther away from her grasp. She needed to stop reaching, hoping for the impossible.

He had chosen Keely.

He had chosen the beautiful twin.

Mika: One of the themes in The Scale is self-acceptance. Why is it important to have self-acceptance?

Bree: I think it gives you peace of mind and boost confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Mika: I love that answer. Well said. Of course, I’m not going to stop there. What does self-acceptance mean to you?

Bree: It means looking pass all your insecurities and accepting yourself for who you are-good good and bad; embracing your flaws.

Mika: I agree 100%. I know I became much happier with me once I embraced everything about me—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Up for a few more questions?

Bree: Sure.

Mika: Minka and Jason both change over the course of this story. What are the most significant ways they’ve changed?

Bree: They both became more accepting and forgiving.

Mika: Do you think Minka and Jason were able to find self-acceptance? If so, how?

Bree: Yes I believe they did. Once they started to develop feelings for each other, they began to view everything differently. They realized that things weren’t always what they seemed.

Mika: What is your opinion of Minka’s and Jason’s relationship? Do you think Minka was unfair to Jason at times—or vice versa?

Bree: I thought they both needed the physical relationship.  It was a good distraction for them. It brought them closer and help them to focus on each and forget about their issues. IMO, Jason was a sweetheart. He treated Minka with so much tenderness even when he knew that she was still pining over Blake. In my opinion, she treated him unfairly. I liked that he kept calm and guided her through her episodes. A perfect example is the scene below. This interaction between them will forever stay with me.

With a sharp motion, her gaze met his. “I was saying goodbye,” she argued, “so I can give you all of me. I’m not in love with him. I never was. He was there for me during a dark time in my life and,” she said, chuckling, “in my stupidity, I convinced myself I was in love with him and carried an animosity for my sister that was unwarranted.”

I know that now. Blake told me. And I’m over it.” His gaze swept over her face, giving away nothing. “I’m sorry about that experience.”

His tone gentled, making her fall in love ten times over.

And I’m glad you and Keely were able to mend things.”


“Tonight in your speech,” he interjected, “You talked about self-acceptance.”

At least he heard part of her speech.

“You need to embrace all your qualities and flaws, in a nutshell, your happiness. I can’t give you that.”

She stood frozen, unable to think, almost unable to breathe. No sign of inner calm.

“I can’t love you if you don’t love yourself.”

Mika: Which character needed to deal with accepting who they are the most? Conversely, who gained the most when they started healing?

Bree: I thought Jason was passive aggressive and dealt with his issues the only way he knew how, but Minka was living in her head too much so she was the one who gained the most.

Mika: The Scale is the first book of the Martha’s Way series. It takes place on Martha’s Vineyard, which is one of my favorite places to visit. Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Why do you like it so much?

Bree: I don’t have a favorite place, but I’d say the Caribbean because the days seem so much longer and stress free. I love the warm weather, the beaches and the laid back relaxed feeling it brings.

Mika: I think you know I’m from the Caribbean and I admit I do miss those days. The other day I was showing our boys pictures of the beaches we used to go to, etc.  Okay, back to discussing books, I have three running series, Martha’s Way, Poison & Wine, and Platonically Complicated. Are you looking forward to any specific book from any of these series?

Bree: That’s a hard one. I definitely want Keely’s and Blake’s story from the Martha’s Way series. I mean the series opened with her wedding, but it’s obvious the hints that were dropped in Tattooed Hearts, they have their own story to tell. At the same time, I’m currently in love with the Platonically Complicated series. I mean the chemistry between Kate (Dean’s sister) and Lucas (Dean’s best friend) is so hot, it burns the pages. I need to know what’s happening between them. And then there’s Delia and Max from the Poison & Wine series. I enjoyed Somewhere to Begin but that story touched on several heavy topics and based on hints you’ve given, I have a feeling the next novel in that series will be just as emotionally heavy. (Laughs) Okay, can you write faster?

Mika: (Laugh) I’m trying. Life keeps getting in the way. Thanks so much Bree for taking the time to chat with me. You’re freakin awesome.

The Scale—A Martha’s Way Novel is free on Kindle Unlimited


There is no scale to measure love.

Minka Greene’s life is falling apart, and she doesn’t know where to start with putting it back together.

On top of that, she has to watch her twin sister marry the man she’s been secretly pining over.

What new torment can fate possibly has in store for her?

To her utter mortification, she wakes up naked in Jason Montgomery’s arms.

She’s never going to see him again, right?


Not only is the tall, tattooed-covered, brooding stranger the owner of the inn where the wedding will take place, he’s also the best man.

Everything about him screams out of her league. And yet, he’s made it clear that he wants her in his bed while she’s on the island.

Is this a recipe for disaster or a chance to meet the man of her dreams and find herself along the way?






  1. Carla VanZandt said:

    What a wonderful “chat”! I loved this! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Dawn CS said:

    Love this! The Martha’s Way Series was my introduction to your work, Mika. I loved it! Looking forward to more of your books.


  3. Michele VanCuren said:

    Beautiful ladies; beautiful words.

    Bree, I loved how insightful you were, especially with the use of quotes. Very apropos.


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