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“If you’re not listening, you’re not learning.”Lyndon B. Johnson

I have to admit that I am late to the game when it comes to listening to podcasts. It took me until last year to really get on that bandwagon. And, initially, I was skeptical about the whole thing. I mean, what could a podcast truly offer me? What’s the point? Well, after finding some favorites and doing a little research, let me tell you a few things that podcasts can do for you:

  • Offer inspiration. There are SO many podcasts that exist today. Their topics run the gamut from cooking to fashion, niche music and the environment. The options are virtually never-ending. And while it’s wonderful to find one that focuses on a topic that you already love, it’s even more exciting to stumble across something new and different that literally opens your eyes to brand new possibilities and information.
  • Keep you educated and informed. You can absolutely multi-task while listening to a podcast. Which means that you are taking in information about a variety of topics while you walk the dog, clean the house, commute to work. If you are listening to a podcast about your field, you may be exposed to new ideas and upcoming and pertinent information.
  • An escape. You may choose to listen to serious podcasts, or those relevant to your work, but you can also find those that are unbelievably funny, witty, or unexpected. Find a podcast run by a comedian for a daily chuckle, or one with amazing story-telling features. You can exercise AND take a little break from reality at the same time.
  • Cultural and Personal Connections. Podcasts offer multidimensional glimpses into other cultures, and people’s views. They can forge debates and help you gain a deeper understanding of a situation, or a group.
There are numerous reasons to give Podcasts a try. But if you’re still unsure, why not try one out on a topic you already know and love? Reading. Listed below are links to some of the best podcasts for readers and books.
Just something new and different to try! And if you end up loving something, come back and comment! I’m always excited to hear about the things my readers enjoy!




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