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Mika Jolie lives in New Jersey with her Happy Chaos—her husband and their energizer bunnies. A sports fanatic and a wine aficionado, she loves writing about life experiences and matters of the heart. Let’s face it, people are complicated and love can be messy. When not weaving life and romance into evocative tales, she can be found on a hiking adventure, driving her boys around to their activities, or sneaking in a date with her hubby.

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A Day In The Life Of A Mommy-Wife-Writer

6:00—Alarm goes off. I press the SNOOZE button and mentally organize my day.

6:30—Alarm goes off again—time to wake up three grumpy men. Coffee is brewing. Ahhh!

7:30—Boys are dressed for school. I check their book bags and make sure they’re not slacking and accidentally ‘forget’ their homework folders. I kiss my Rugrats goodbye for the day. Hubby insists on getting a kiss too. The house is quiet, time for coffee.

8:30—Perfect time to exercise. Nah! Let’s catch up on all social media first, then write at least 200 words. Day’s goal is 1500 words a day. Goal is rarely met.

10:00—Seriously, it’s time to logoff Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and…Oh wait, let’s Pin this last picture. It’s perfect for my next novel.

10:30—I should have breakfast. A kale, spinach, pineapple shake it is. Trust me, it’s delish. No really, it is. Okay, time to focus on this scene. Spotify. Check. Click on playlist and here we go.

12:00—Wow! 500 words total. Not too bad. I look at the laundry waiting to be folded. Laundry genie refuses to play nice. Oh well, might as well go workout.

1:30—My endorphins are in full force! Seriously, I need to exercise every day. Today is the day I stay true to my workout regimen.

2:30—Where did the day go? Rugrats will be home soon. I text my husband: What’s for dinner?

3:00—Boys are home. We have our daily Mommy/Rugrats hugs, kisses and chit-chat. They get 30 minutes to veg then it’s homework time. I peek at my word count. Not even halfway to meeting my daily goal. Why can’t the words magically transfer from my brain to my laptop? Back in mommy mode, I remind the boys they have 20 minutes left.

3:30—Homework time! The boys are surprisingly cooperative. Thank goodness they love to read. Math and language…well…we’ll see. They’re still young.

4:00—Time to get our Rugrats ready for their extracurricular activities. Let’s see, what season are we in? Fall—okay, soccer and lacrosse.

6:00—Dinnertime. Daddy cooks a delicious meal.

7:00—Family time.

8:00—Bed time for the Rugrats. I should really finish that scene.

9:00—“Here you are.” Hubby gives me a hopeful smile.


“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences,
penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”
— Maya Angelou


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