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Introducing the Serrano brothers

Dear Readers,
As most of you can tell from the Martha’s Way series, I enjoy exploring the dynamics between siblings, fathers, mothers, and friends. I grew up in a large family, five brothers to be exact, and countless cousins. Yes, I was outnumbered, then had two sons and continued to be in the minority. It was either like them, appreciate them, and do my best to understand them, or run screaming. So I became a tomboy.
Writing a series that consist of brothers was always something I wanted to do; a dedication to my brothers.
In Need You Now (Book 2 of the Martha’s Way series), we met Lily Serrano’s three older brothers—Rafael, Zander, and Maximus. In the Poison and Wine series, we get their stories. We know they are from a tight-knit family. We also know Rafa is a widow. Zander is a Navy SEAL, and Max is a photographer.
In Somewhere to Begin, Zander’s story, he returns home after years of combat. Is he able to adapt to his new life? Then enters Colbie Bennington. She’s not looking for a hero, but he can’t help rescuing her.
I hope you enjoy the Serrano brothers’ stories. They are alpha men who’ll do anything to protect those they love.

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