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Finding Inspiration

“You can find inspiration in everything. And if you can’t, look again.” – Paul Smith

It’s about that time where the mid-winter blues begin to appear. The holiday bills have started to roll in. For those of us in the colder states, day after day of freezing temps and snow piled upon snow can lead to cabin fever, vitamin D deficiency and just a general malaise. Tempers can run short, and frustrations can run high. And it gets more difficult with each day to put on a happy face, or at least to make it through the day with that face still in tact. But what if we could figure out how to find inspiration in the littlest things? What if we could stop ourselves for a mere minute and re-focus? Would we be able to start and end each day with the same smile?

Every day I try to start the day with a positive attitude. But somewhere around the seventh time I ask my children to brush their teeth and get dressed for school, that optimistic outlook begins to droop. One of my goals for this year is to work on staying a little more zen during these moments, and trying to keep things in better perspective. In that vein, I’ve been doing some research looking for ideas on how to look both inside myself and to my surroundings to discover things that move me, or that can help me become “unstuck”. And in the course of my research, I came across this pretty amazing list of ways to keep yourself inspired on a daily basis. Now, there are things on this list that I will never do, and some ideas that frankly, I find amazing, but know that, personally, I would be unable to accomplish. But the list has 50 ideas, and even if I only ever attempt 20, that’s 20 new ways to keep myself inspired. I hope you can find at least a few that bring you joy and a positive outlook.





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