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First Come Love, Then Come Marriage . . .

As most of you know Explicitly Yours is a follow up to  The Boy Friend. The novella picks up six months after Coriander and Dean took the leap from friends to lovers. Now they’re getting married. Easy, right? How about an excerpt?

“We’re okay,” Coriander says against my chest. “We’ll always be okay.”

A wave of relief sweeps over me. We remain like that for a beat. No voices. Just stillness with Cori in my arms. This time, the silence caresses my skin, taking away my edges. After exhaling a deep breath, I lower my lips to her hair, breathe in the crisp apple scent of her shampoo, and close my eyes.

“I love you,” I say, my chin resting on top of her head.

“I love you.” Craning her neck, she stares up at me. “It’s you I want everything with, Dean. That includes children.”

“When I picture myself happy, it’s with you.” A sudden need for her to see the inside of my heart has my body literally aching. She’s more than my fiancée, more than the owner of the pussy that has me whipped. She’s my best friend, my love, the keeper of my heart. The center of my fucking universe. “Everything I want is with you.”

“Don’t ever think I’ll walk away from us just because we’re not on the same page. Is that clear?”

A smile tugs on my lips. “So, you’re not calling off the wedding?”

“Not even close.” One hand palms my face, the other combs through my hair. Then, standing on her tippy toes, she wraps her arms around my neck and grazes my lips with hers.

At first, the kiss is a slow, long, delicate dance that goes on for days. My eyes drift shut as I savor every feel of her lips on mine until I am aching for her, to touch her everywhere.

“Are we making up?” she whispers against my mouth.

“Later.” I place one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her ass, pulling her into me. She melts against my chest. Groaning against her mouth, I slide my hand into her hair, kissing her harder, faster. Our mouths fuse hot and heavy. Sweet evolves into scorching. Tongues touch. Breath mingles. Hands roam, touching everywhere. Lips are bitten and sucked. “Lie down,” I order, but it really comes out as a plea. Gathering all my strength, I peel my lips from hers and give her a gentle push. She flops on the bed, eyes wide with unabashed lust.





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