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Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

I have a dream…

I asked my children why they were off for school today. Neither hesitated when they answered that it was for Martin Luther King Day. But when I pressed for the meaning of that, I was disappointed to see that their answers were a little vague. They responded that he was important because he wanted peace and kindness for the world. But they couldn’t give me much more than that. Ironically, the younger one seemed to have a better grasp of the man and the history, remembering that he gave a “Dream” speech and that he wanted “people to live in peace together”. My older one said she thought he ended slavery. And so I thought to myself, first, that I need to do a better job of teaching them about the figures who have been so influential in our country’s history, but also that I’m saddened that their school hasn’t done a better job of introducing this. But then I stopped and realized, although I wish they knew more of the details about today and the man behind it, that maybe it wasn’t simply because they are poorly informed, or ignorant, but also because they are blissfully unaware of differences. Skin color, disability, and differences have never really registered with my kids. And honestly, I kind of love that. Should they recognize history? Absolutely. Do I want them to understand racial sensitivity and the importance of culture? Undoubtedly. But do I love that they seem to make their friends based on the “content of their character and not the color of their skin”? More than I can explain.

With all that said, though, I really do want to do a better job of recognizing the reasons behind our “days off”. So I found some wonderful sites, both for kids and adults, that provide ideas and information about Martin Luther King Jr. And whatever you do today, remember- be kind, be caring, and never forget to dream…














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    Great info and important topic!


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