Mika Jolie

Wrapped in Red

Book Four of the Martha’s Way Series

Christmas is a time to be merry and bright. For Minka Montgomery, it’s anything but.

While Martha’s Vineyard bursts with festive lights and good cheer, a black shadow parades around and within Minka. With her Christmas spirit conspicuously absent, her marriage to Jason Montgomery has snowballed and is spiraling out of control. The weight of motherhood – and her new role as a wife – presses on her shoulders. Self-doubt creeps in and swiftly turns to hopelessness.
As her anxiety level rises, can she share what’s in her heart with her husband? Is there a branch of hope to hold on to? With Christmas only twelve days away, can she find her Christmas spirit and rediscover the true meaning of the season?

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The door creaked open. She stepped in just as Jason threw his shirt on the bed, naked from the waist up—every muscle well defined, ripped to perfection, and covered with various tattoos.



And crazy need stirred between her thighs. No surprise there. Jason naked, half-naked, or fully dressed, always managed to produce a reaction. Lately, she just couldn’t follow through.

A thick blanket of guilt smothered her heart.

They held each other’s gaze for a few seconds. “I don’t know where to start,” she said into the silence.

“Try the beginning.”

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Minka Greene

Age: 27

Occupation: Teacher

Hobbies: Photography and hanging out with her BFF Lily

Hometown: Montgomery, NJ

Relationship Status: Single

Author’s Muse: Marquita Pring

Jason Montgomery

Age: 30

Occupation: Lawyer, Co-owner of Vapor with Adam Aquilani

Hobbies: Surfing, Renovating his house, and hanging with his best buds: Forrest, Adam, Blake and Claire

Hometown: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Provence, France

Relationship Status: Single

Author’s Muse: Charlie Hunnam

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