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There’s a new app/website out there that’s taking the book world by storm. And if you haven’t heard about it, I’m going to give you a quick rundown! BookandMainBites.com is a way to connect with your favorite authors, to get new snippets of their works-in-progress, or revisit old works. You can discover new authors, new tropes, and new book friends and the site and app are free for readers. No ads, no interruptions and no limits.

On the site, you create a user profile. That way you let other readers in the community know a little but about yourself and you can even even link your pages. Then you can explore. Look for your favorite authors. Link to your friends. Follow them all! And then check out the bites! These are the big draw of the page. Excerpts authors are sharing. Bites your friends have loved. Customize your page and profile so that you see what’s been posted in your favorite subgenres, and also choose how HOT you want your bites to be.

Like Facebook, you can turn on notifications so that you hear right away when bites from your faves have been posted. Use the search bar to look for paranormal bites, rom-coms, and historical romances. Make sure you click the heart icon when you love something. Feel free to bookmark things and save them for later. And if you really love it, there’s a link under the bite to buy the book!

Some bites are from published works. Others are from upcoming ones. And still more are deleted scenes, or short stories that are exclusive to B and M. But the best thing is that you can gain access to new authors you’ve never heard of and check out their work without having to buy anything, join a group. You control all of your choices.

It’s a wonderful tool for authors, too, who are looking to reach new readers! So go ahead. Check it out!





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