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The Magic of First Love

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Myths About Reading

We’ve all encountered those people who think they know best. Whether it be about raising our children, the food we eat, even where to go on vacation, someone always seems to have an opinion. And I KNOW we’ve all run into that person that has something to say about our reading choices, or about books […]

Make Your Writing Come to Life

I love words, everything about them . . . from reading to writing. I recently read a few of these tips to help make our writing come to life. I’ve added a few of my own. *Not listed in any particular order* Throw out everything you learned about writing in school. This includes forgetting about […]

Romance novels for Olympics lovers

We’re one week into that worldwide sports spectacular- the Olympic Games. And although personally I prefer the Summer Games, I can’t help but be impressed at the athletes who have made it this far. Curling, skiing, figure skating, or the biathlon, every man and woman there is a marvel, of speed, agility, form and grace. […]

Newsletter Sign-Up

Did you know I send out a monthly newsletter? Not only do you get to learn a little bit about me each month, but it’s chock full of wonderful stuff. I share exclusive excerpts and teasers. I recommend books I’ve loved, and books written by author friends. There’s always news on my current WIPs, events […]

Dinner Music

Earlier this year, I was approached by a group of fabulous authors to contribute to their blog. My last post was about dinner music, well music in general. As you know I have a playlist for each of my novels, so this was a fun project for me. Hop on over to SpiceAisleRomance Also, if […]

The best Valentine’s Day Reads for Romance Lovers

If you want romance, read a book… Whether you’re swinging single, or celebrating as a couple, I hope all of you get a little time to read and relax this Valentine’s Day. And what better than with a Valentine’s Day inspired romance. Not sure where to start? From the classics, to modern love, heart-rending, to […]

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