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A Rainy Saturday & Writing

It’s a lazy Saturday here. My initial plan was to spend the day at the first annual food festival in our quirky college town eating as much as my stomach could handle. Alas, the rain and two sick kiddies have altered our plans.

Instead, I’ve spent my morning writing a new chapter, critiqued a fellow writer’s submitted chapter and of course burned some calories with my energizer bunnies, they are not so energized right now.

I have to make some revision to my complete novel, which I’m avoiding. It plagued me all of last night. I even sat in front of the computer and tried to rewrite some of the scenes but I found myself unmotivated so I walked away and told myself eventually I’d get back to it. Of course now, I’m getting nervous and anxious. I want to get moving, I want to make progress. I want to move to the next phase of submitting my query letter to all the agents I’ve researched.

Baby steps, right?Image




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